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Police panda car sign and blue light

We were asked to produce two sets of replica 1960s police panda car roof signs with period blue flashing lights that had to be fully functioning, 
Working only form photographs of original polices cars we drew up our design,  
We fabricated the light boxes from sheet steel, cutting, folding and tig welding as required, the boxes incorporate an internal mounting plate which allowed us to mount a pair of lamps inside to illuminate the double sided police signs.
The police signs were printed onto acrylic sheet so they appear to be solid blue and white but allow light to shine through to give the correct illuminated appearance.
We managed source from Europe some correct appearance revolving blue lights.
Although originally the lights revolved to fast so we added suitable resisters to slow down the speed, so now they spin at the correct speed for period 1960s units. 
Finished in off white and supplied fully wired and ready to go these signs will look correct atop any period panda car.
We can reproduce these signs (normally to order), and can supply them as illuminated signs with or without the blue light and many other options.
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