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Galvanized bath surround

               Custom sheet steel bath surround 
A customer asked us to produce a custom bath surround to give a smooth outer appearance as nothing suitable was available off-the-shelf.    Bath panel folded sheet
Starting with 2 pieces of galvanized steel, and a wooden template provided by the customer, the surround was made in 2 parts which were then welded together to produce an exact fit. bath panel trial fit
Our design was such that the finished panel would have maximum rigidity, seen here half the panel is standing unsupported.   bath panel 2nd trial fit
The final step was to weld both halves together to give a seamless finish. Galvanized steel was chosen as it will not rust like mild steel in the damp bathroom environment. bath panel finished ready to join
This shot shows the surround finished and welded together, the customer will now have it finished in white before installing it in his new bathroom. bath panel finished