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2012 Jubilee beacon

Dartford Council asked us, at short notice, to design produce and install a 6 metre tall beacon as part of the country-wide celebrations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
We made several scale models from which they picked this design as their favourite.
With less than 2 weeks to produce and install the beacon we opted to make it from stainless steel as it would not need painting to finish and will last for ever.

Here the basic fire basket can be seen, to this we added a 300mm flame ring and artificial logs.  
With the beacon made and sited by the Dartford river crossing it was tested before the big night and gave a very pleasing result.
Our design incorporated a diamond shape under the fire basket which can be seen in this picture.
On the night of June 4th 2012, along with a firework display, the beacon was lit as part of the Jubilee celebrations.  It is now a permanent feature outside the Beacon pub, Dartford.